Animal Graphics offers identification tags, posters and vinyl window/wall graphics, geared towards pet retailers.

Animal Graphics - Copper-banded Butterflyfish and Turquoise Rainbox

•Our label identification tags allow both customers and employees alike, to easily identify and determine pricing of your livestock.

•Printed on 10mil rigid vinyl, they are both durable and waterproof.

•Available for marine, freshwater, plant, bird, small animal and reptiles.

Animal Graphics - Lake Malawi Cichlids Poster Animal Graphics - Lake Malawi Cichlids Poster

•A series of 14 full size 18” x 24” marine and freshwater posters are available. Whether you are a retailer or hobbyist, they make for an attractive display item to hang in your fish room.

Animal Graphics - Wall Graphics and Window Clings

•Vinyl window & wall graphics make a great visual item to place on, or in your storefront.

•Available in both static cling vinyl or wall safe medium tact adhesive.

•Come in 3 standard sizes of 16”, 22” & 28” with custom sizes available upon request.

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